The Walnut

Walnuts are a very beneficial food. Walnuts are counted among the dried fruits. The effect of walnuts is hot and dry. Walnuts contain 75% heat and 25% dryness. Walnuts are a winter gift. Walnuts are eaten with great relish in winter. Walnuts are the most powerful dried fruit in the world. The shape of a walnut resembles a human brain And walnuts are a medicine for the human brain. We need to keep this in mind when buying walnuts. Whenever you take walnuts, peel them. And walnuts should not be peeled. Walnuts that have been peeled for a long time are not very useful.

Fresh walnuts pic

Benefits of Walnut

Walnuts have many benefits. Walnuts are related to the liver system which prevents the body from producing heat. Walnuts are a medicine for the liver. Walnuts remove toxins from the liver. And walnuts help the liver to function properly. Walnuts are the best food for our blood. Walnuts eliminate fat particles from the blood. Walnuts do not allow blood to clot in the body. Walnuts keep the heart-healthy. Walnuts are extremely useful for people suffering from all kinds of heart diseases. Walnuts do not allow the arteries of the heart to close. Walnuts protect against heart attack. Walnuts are extremely useful for the pancreas. Walnuts control sugar. Walnuts protect against the risk of cancer. If the girls have a problem in the period, the period does not come openly, then the use of walnuts is the solution to all the problems that come in the period. Walnuts are a very important food for mental health. Walnuts sharpen memory. Walnuts help the brain work. Walnuts Walnuts are a very useful food for those who suffer from insomnia. Walnuts improve digestion. Walnuts are good for the intestines. Walnuts do not make you feel hungry. Walnuts reduce the vision of obese people. Walnuts are the best food for the skin. Walnuts eliminate dry skin. Keeps skin soft and supple Walnuts do not age quickly. Walnuts enhance the complexion. Walnut eliminates wrinkles on the face. Walnuts eliminate all kinds of allergies. Walnut prevents hair from falling out. Walnut removes dandruff. If you are allergic to scalp, you should use walnuts. The use of walnuts makes hair grow faster And walnuts eliminate baldness. Walnuts relieve anxiety and restlessness. Walnuts strengthen bones. Daily consumption of walnuts is a portion of very useful food for people suffering from joint pain in old age.

Disadvantages of Walnut

Walnuts have many benefits, but they also have some disadvantages. Walnuts should not be used if the body temperature is too high, otherwise, walnuts can be harmful to the body due to overheating. Walnuts are extremely harmful for patients with high blood pressure. If the face is yellow, the eyes are yellow, the urine is yellow and there is yellow motion, then walnuts should not be used. Walnuts increase the risk of these diseases. Walnuts should be used in moderation. You can eat walnuts together. Eating too many walnuts can lead to indigestion and obesity. And overconsumption of walnuts causes heat in the liver and many other problems.