The Potatoes

Potato is an excellent vegetable. The potato is the root of a plant. Potatoes are available in large quantities in all seasons. Potatoes are cold and dry. Potatoes are cooked in different ways. And by mixing it with meat, potatoes become even more tasty vegetables. Potato is one of the most widely grown crops in the world. Potatoes are the most eaten in the world. At the end of the 15th century, a Spaniard discovered potatoes in South America and then went to India and then to China via Europe. The potato crop is cultivated throughout the year in the subcontinent (Pakistan and India). Potatoes from the subcontinent (Pakistan and India) are the tastiest and are exported all over the world. It is also cultivated in large numbers in Iran. There are many types of potatoes in the world. But the red and yellow varieties of potatoes are very popular. Because both of these types of food are extremely tasty. More than 70% is used in the form of potato chips.

Fresh potato pic

Benefits of Potatoes

Potatoes have many benefits. Potatoes are the best food for the human brain. Potatoes give strength to the human brain. Potatoes improve mental health. Potatoes provide peace of mind. Potatoes are extremely useful for those who suffer from insomnia. The use of potatoes provides a restful sleep which is extremely beneficial for our health. Potatoes are considered a good food for the kidneys. Potatoes strengthen the kidneys. Potatoes develop kidneys. Potatoes protect against many internal kidney diseases. Because potatoes contain 87% water. Potatoes can be beneficial if our body is high in moisture. A runny nose and sneezing are painful diseases. Potatoes are good for preventing sneezing and drying out the runny nose. The use of potatoes relieves joint and muscle pain. Potatoes strengthen joints and muscles. Potatoes are considered healthy for Alzheimer's patients. Potatoes are very good for the skin. Potatoes prevent pimples on the skin. And the potato suppresses the pimples. Potato removes blemishes and wrinkles on the skin. Potatoes make the skin attractive. Potatoes keep skin healthy. If there are light tourists around the eyes, these tourists can be lightly eliminated by cutting the potatoes. If someone is burned by fire. And cutting and applying potatoes on the burnt skin does not cause blisters and provides relief. In addition to eating potatoes are used to polish dishes. Boil the potatoes then take out the potatoes and leave the water in a pot for an hour. Then throw away the water and wash the dishes with soap. The dishes will be clean.

Disadvantages of Potato

Along with the benefits of potatoes, there are many disadvantages of potatoes. Potatoes are a slow-digesting food. Potatoes are a nutritious food. Potatoes are a very harmful food for the circulatory system. Potatoes pollute the blood and can damage the heart.Using potatoes four times a week or more can lead to dangerously high blood pressure. And eating potato chips increases that risk by up to 70%. Consumption of potatoes impairs heart health. Potatoes weaken the walls of the heart. Potatoes are extremely harmful to the liver. This causes the liver to slow down and the potato has a bad effect on the liver. T. B is a dangerous disease. The use of potatoes reads the basis of T.B. Therefore, TB patients cannot use potatoes. Ulcer patients do not use potatoes. Because potatoes increase ulcers. Potatoes cause lung damage. Potatoes are extremely harmful to the lungs. Potatoes are prohibited if there is gas and odour in the air. The use of potatoes is prohibited if the body is dehydrated. Potatoes are prohibited if the body is dehydrated. The color of the face is yellow and the urine is yellow. So using potatoes is harmful. Patients with tumors should never use potatoes. Because the potato causes the tumor to grow. The fat in potatoes increases our body fat to dangerous levels. This fat is extremely harmful to us. Potatoes increase the itching in our body. Potatoes make us bad habits.