The Peanut

Peanuts are a very nutritious food. Peanuts are counted among the dried fruits. Peanuts are the most widely eaten food in the world. Peanuts are widely used in the subcontinent (Pakistan and India). The effect of peanuts is cold and dry. Peanuts are called the gift of winter. Peanuts are a popular food all over the world, especially in South Asia. Peanuts are exported all over the world and the special thing about peanuts is that peanuts are the cheapest dried fruits in the world. Peanuts are eaten and cooked in the sand. There are many types of peanuts in the world. Peanut butter is made into butter. Peanut butter is extremely tasty and beneficial. But peanuts should not be used too much.

Fresh peanut pic

Benefits of Peanut

Peanuts have many benefits. The use of peanuts is beneficial when the body has the right amount of heat. If it gets cold, eating peanuts will get rid of the cold. Peanuts are good for diabetics. But diabetics should use it in moderation. Peanuts protect against heart disease. Peanuts make new cells in the blood. Peanuts eliminate fat from the arteries of the heart. It makes the heart beat faster. And peanuts keep the heart cool. People with high blood pressure should use peanuts in moderation. Peanuts are a very useful fruit for cancer patients. If the hair is falling out too fast then peanuts prevent hair fall and strengthen the hair roots. In addition, peanuts protect against many other diseases. Peanuts are useful for physical weakness. Peanuts are very useful for broken bones.

Disadvantages of Peanut

Along with the benefits of peanuts, there are also numerous disadvantages. Do not include peanuts in your daily diet. Using peanuts on a daily basis can be extremely harmful. Peanuts generate artificial heat. Peanuts thicken the blood excessively and it is harmful to our body. People with blood disorders should not use peanuts. 14 to 17 peanuts can be used. In addition, the use of peanuts causes many diseases in our body. Excessive consumption of peanuts causes high blood sugar and high cholesterol. Peanuts weaken the liver. Peanuts do not allow the liver to function properly. Peanuts are extremely harmful to jaundice. Peanuts cause haemorrhoids to grow. The use of peanuts in tumours is prohibited. Peanuts contain acid. Peanuts disturb the stomach and peanuts have the potential to damage the stomach. Excessive consumption of peanuts causes anxiety and restlessness in our bodies. People with bad habits should not use peanuts. Peanuts have the potential to promote bad habits. Patients with hypothyroidism should not eat peanuts at all. Peanuts cause sore throat. Peanuts increase sore throat and peanuts whiten the tongue. People who are allergic to peanuts should never use peanuts. Peanuts are harmful to T.B and cough patients. Because peanuts increase the risk of TB and cough to a dangerous level. Peanuts increase mouth ulcers. Peanuts interfere with kidney function and peanuts weaken the kidneys. Peanuts are extremely harmful to our skin. Peanuts cause itching in the body. Peanuts increase the appearance of blemishes on the face, wrinkles, freckles, pimples and acne. There are many packets of salted peanuts in the market today. These packets of salted peanuts are very harmful.