The Guava

Guava is an excellent seasonal fruit. Guava is available in large numbers in winter. The effect of guava is cold and moisture. The subcontinent (Pakistan and India) is the birthplace of guava. Guava from India and Pakistan is very tasty. And this guava is exported all over the world. Guava is commonly available in almost every country. The tastiest guava is from Hyderabad, the Larkana area of ​​Pakistan. Guava leaves are very useful and guava leaves are used in many things. There are many types of guava. And guava is very much present in two colours. One is white and the other is red and the guava peel is yellow. Guava should be eaten with the peel. Guava is also a portion of excellent food and medicine. Guava is a fruit with different effects in different varieties. The effect of raw guava is hot and dry. The effect of ripe guava is hot and moist. And the effect of red guava is cold and moisture-prone. Guava will have a nominal heat in one state and otherwise, it will lose its nominal heat.

Fresh guava pic

Benefits of Guava

Guava has many benefits. Guava is related to the human nervous system, ie the brain. Guava calms the nerves. Guava has the ability to increase the pressure on the human brain. Guava improves blood flow to the brain. Guava strengthens the brain and sharpens memory. Guava is the best food for diabetics because it contains less sugar than other fruits. But diabetics should not use guava too much. Guava is the best food for the heart and blood. Guava makes new blood in the body and guava eliminates anaemia. Guava keeps the heart-healthy. Guava controls blood pressure and guava also lowers the levels of cholesterol and other harmful elements that can lead to heart disease. Guava is the best food for cancer patients. Guava eliminates the risk of cancer. In addition, guava is extremely useful for people suffering from oral cancer. Guava strengthens teeth and protects teeth. Pregnant women should use guava. Guava stimulates the immune system in pregnant women. Regular daily use of guava is less sick. Guava is constipating. Ripe guava eliminates constipation but ripe guava increases constipation. Guava is extremely useful for the digestive system. Guava keeps the stomach healthy. Guava is very useful for patients with haemorrhoids. Guava gives relief to bloody and haemorrhoids. The use of guava eliminates twisting. Guava should be used if you have problems with urination. Guava cures urinary tract diseases. Guava increases body fluids. If there is moisture in the body then eating guava is beneficial. Guava is the best food for the eyes. Guava sharpens eyesight and improves vision. Guava is beneficial for people suffering from cataracts. Guava should be eaten if you are suffering from physical weakness. Guava increases physical energy. Guava gives strength to muscles and calms muscles. Guava also makes fat. Guava is very useful for the skin. Guava eliminates pimples, acne, blemishes, and wrinkles, and beautifies the face. Guava promotes hair growth. Guava is useful for colds and coughs. People who eat guava are less likely to get sick.

Disadvantages of Guava

Guava has many advantages as well as some disadvantages. Guava has the potential to harm people with tumours. Raw guava is very harmful to health. Raw guava causes constipation and raw guava produces mucus. In addition, raw guava makes the body fat. Eating raw guava is forbidden for obese people. Guava should not be used for itchy chest irritation. Excessive use of guava is harmful. Do not eat more than 10 guavas otherwise it will not be beneficial. People suffering from acidity or gas should not use guava. Use of guava is prohibited if the urine is white. In addition, food is not digested. If food is lost in the stomach, the feeling of hunger is reduced, then the use of guava is extremely harmful. Eating guava is beneficial for people who are not feeling well and feel fear.