The Cashew

Cashews are a very beneficial food. Cashews are counted among the dried fruits. The effect of cashews is hot and dry. Cashews contain 75% heat and 25% dryness. Cashews are a winter gift. Cashews are a very popular food all over the world. Cashew is a very tasty dried fruit. Cashews are widely used in the cold. Cashews are expensive all over the world. Cashews are shaped like human kidneys. And the colour of cashew is white. Eating cashews cause oil to accumulate in the mouth. Like eating oily things. Cashews have the highest oil content of any dried fruit. Cashew oil is also extracted. Cashews are eaten in large quantities. Cashews can also be eaten at night. Cashews are very popular with honey.

Fresh cashew pic

Benefits of Cashew

Cashews have many benefits. The oil in cashews prevents blood from clotting in the arteries. Cashews improve blood flow to our body. Cashews are a great food for our hearts. Cashews reduce the pressure on the heart, cashews strengthen the heart and cashews relieve anemia in our body. Cashews belong to the liver system. Cashews help the liver work. For women whose bleeding does not stop, cashews work as medicine. Cashew activates the kidneys. Cashews are good for cancer patients. Cashews protect our brain from tumours. The biggest benefit of cashews is recognizing our brains. Cashews have a darkening effect on the brain. Cashews sharpen the memory. And cashews increase brain power. Cashew is extremely useful for those who have a bad mood. Cashews improve the mood. It is a pleasure to use cashews. Cashews relieve stress. For those who suffer from insomnia, cashews are useful because cashews improve sleep. Cashews are an excellent food for haemorrhoid patients. Cashews do not cause haemorrhoids. If you have worms in your teeth, use cashews. Cashews strengthen teeth and bones and cashews protect them. Cashews are a very useful food for our skin. Cashews protect against many skin diseases. Daily use of cashews clears the complexion. Cashew removes acne and pimples on the face. Cashews contain ingredients that keep hair black for a long time and protect cashew bears. Cashews eliminate dryness in the body. Cashews protect against all types of itching on the body. Cashews eliminate acidity. Cashews do not cause gastric irritation. Cashews boost our physical energy. Cashews are extremely useful for bodybuilders. Cashews help in making a muscle. And cashews give strength to the body.

Disadvantages of Cashew

While cashews have numerous benefits, there are also some disadvantages. The use of cashews is prohibited if the temperature is high. It is disadvantageous to use more than 12 cashews in daily life. If you eat more than that, you will face negative effects. Cashews do not cause any serious harm. If the liver is not active then you will not be able to benefit.