The Bitter gourd

Bitter gourd is an excellent seasonal vegetable. bitter gourd looks like a bell. And this bell is very strong. Bitter gourd is grown in large numbers in the summer and rainy season. The effect of bitter gourd is dry and hot. Bitter gourd is one of the bitter vegetables. Many people are aware of the use of the bitter gourd. Bitter gourd is a vegetable and also a good medicine. Bitter gourd is used regularly in various diseases. Bananas are no less a blessing for diabetics. Most people in the world cook bitter gourd mixed with meat. In addition, bitter gourd is cooked with lentils and potatoes in different ways. Bitter gourd is also eaten with great relish. Bitter gourd juice is also used. Bitter gourd juice is used as medicine. Bitter gourd juice protects against many diseases. Bitter gourd increases body heat.

Fresh bitter gourd pic

Benefits of Bitter gourd

There are many benefits to bitter gourd. The use of bitter gourd has good effects on the body.Bitter gourd maintains strength and energy in the body. A bitter gourd is extremely useful for the kidneys and lungs. Bitter gourd activates the kidneys and lungs. Bitter gourd is helpful for kidney and bladder stones. Bitter gourd is the best food for human skin. Bitter gourd protects against skin diseases. Bitter gourd protects the skin from pimples and acne. And bitter gourd makes a human beautiful. Itching is a painful disease. Bitter gourd eliminates all types of itching. Bitter gourd eliminates worms in the stomach. And bitter gourd cleans the stomach. Bitter gourd is a portion of good food for hair. Bitter gourd lengthens hair Bitter gourd makes hair very beautiful. Bitter gourd eliminates bad body fat. And bitter gourd protects against diseases caused by cholesterol. Bitter gourd reduces weight. And bitter gourd makes the body smart. bitter gourd clears mucus and clears the throat. Bitter gourd is very useful for diabetics. Bitter gourd does not allow blood sugar levels to rise to dangerous levels. Bitter gourd is also a food and medicine for diabetics. Bitter gourd juice is the best treatment for diabetics. Diabetes can be cured by taking half a glass of bitter gourd juice and using it as medicine after every two days. A bitter gourd is very useful for people suffering from joint pain. Bitter gourd is the best food for heart and blood. Low blood pressure near the heart, The blood is dirty, There is acidity in the blood So bitter gourd can be beneficial. A bitter gourd is very useful for paralyzed patients. If there is a risk of stroke, the use of spiders prevents stroke. Iron in bitter gourd increases the number of red blood cells. Bitter gourd is the best food when your circulatory system is not working properly. Bitter gourd provides energy to the brain. Bitter gourd enhances our intelligence. Bitter gourd is a nutritious food for the nervous system. Bitter gourd eliminates the acid in the body. Bitter gourd juice can be mixed with salt to get rid of constipation and vomiting.

Disadvantages of Bitter gourd

Bitter gourd has many advantages but also some are disadvantages. When our body does not need bitter gourd and we use bitter gourd regularly, the bitter gourd will lead us to disease. Bitter gourd should not be used twice on the same day otherwise bitter gourd can be harmful. Eat bitter gourd once in two days. Bitter gourd should not be used daily. Bitter gourd juice is the best medicine for diabetics. But regular consumption of bitter gourd juice can lower blood sugar to dangerous levels. So don't use bitter gourd juice daily. Bitter gourd should not be used in stomach ulcers. Because bitter gourd has the potential to increase the risk of stomach ulcers. Whose mouth tastes bitter. Body temperature rises and becomes dryness. In this case, the use of bitter gourd is prohibited.