The Apple

Apples are an excellent seasonal fruit. Apples are the most widely available winter fruit. The effect of raw apples is cold and dry. And the effect of ripe apples is hot and dry. There are countless varieties of apples in the world. Apples are eaten with great relish all over the world. Apples are available in many colors. And the apple is a very tasty and beautiful fruit. Different types of apples are popular in different areas. In addition, apple jam is also made. Apple jam is the most widely used jam. Apple cider vinegar is also made. And apple juice is delicious to drink. Apples should be eaten one hour before meals.

Fresh apple pic

Benefits of Apple

Apples have many benefits, but they also have some disadvantages. It has to do with the human muscular system. Apples strengthen human muscles. Apples give strength to the heart. If white urine is excessive then apple will prove to be a very useful food. Because white urine means the heart is weak and the heart needs strength at that time. Apples protect against heart attack. Apples clean the blood vessels in the body. Apples clean the blood vessels in the body. Apples protect the body from harmful germs and remove these germs from the body. Apples are a very useful food for cancer patients. Apples reduce the risk of cancer in the body. Apples are the best food for the eyes. Apples sharpen the eyes. Apples are good for the brain. Apples provide strength to the brain and are useful in preventing various brain diseases. Apples speed up memory. People suffering from acidosis should eat raw apples (green apples). The use of apples protects the stomach from various diseases and apples protect the stomach. Apples are constipating. Apples are the best food for stomach ulcers. Apples should be used to prevent ulcers. Apples strengthen the hair and the use of apples makes hair beautiful. Apples are extremely useful for people suffering from fever. Apples benefit human skin. Apples make the skin soft and supple and keep the skin young for a long time. Apples eliminate all kinds of itching on the skin.

Disadvantages of Apple

Apples have many benefits, but they also have some disadvantages. Do not eat more than one apple at a time. Excessive use of apples can be harmful. Because apples are a very powerful fruit. Do not feed apples to young children. Also do not use too much apple cider vinegar. Cold Water should not be drunk with apples. Apples do not help if the body is dry. Girls should not eat apples during building. If there is a complaint of bleeding in haemorrhoids the use of apples is prohibited. Apples impair the digestive system. Apple peel is a portion of slow digesting food. Avoid eating apples if you feel unwell after eating apples because apples then do not help. If the pressure on the heart is too high, the use of apples is harmful. The use of apples is prohibited for patients with tumours. The use of apples is prohibited if there is irritability in nature. Excessive use of apples causes irritation in the hands and feet. Do not eat ripe apples if the body is too acidic. Under normal circumstances, the raw apple should not be used otherwise damage may occur.