The Almond

Almonds are a very beneficial food. Almonds are one of the dried fruits. Almonds have a warming and moisturizing effect. Almonds contain 75% moisture and 25% heat. Almonds are called the gift of winter. Almonds are a very popular food all over the world. Almonds are widely used in the cold. The right way to eat almonds is to soak them in a cup of water at night. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Peel Almonds and eat them. There are many types of almonds in the world. But Pakistan's almonds are extremely tasty and beneficial. These almonds are exported all over the world and these almonds are very expensive. A type of almonds there is also American almonds. American almonds are not even 10% nutritious. And American almonds are the cheapest. Almond oil is also made. And this oil is used a lot.

Fresh Almond pic

Benefits of Almond

Almonds have many benefits. Almonds are beneficial if the temperature is too high. Almonds protect us from internal body problems caused by rising temperatures. Almonds are very good for the liver. Almonds strengthen the liver. Almonds reduce the pressure on the liver. Almonds help the liver to function. Almonds are the best food for T.B patients. Almonds relieve T.B. Almonds heal internal wounds in the lungs and strengthen the lungs. Almonds are useful for whooping cough. Almonds should be used if water comes out of the nose, there is irritation in the nose, sore throat. Almonds are the most beneficial to our brain. Almonds give strength to the brain. Almonds improve memory. Almonds develop our brain. Almonds speed up our brain like a computer. Almonds are a great food for our hearts. Almonds protect the heart. Almonds do not block arteries. Almonds prevent heart attack. Almonds strengthen the heart. Relieves anxiety.Almonds eliminate male infertility. Almond oil should be used by pregnant women. The use of almond oil does not cause any discomfort to the pregnant woman. Almonds are very good for our skin. Almonds nourish the body. Makes the skin radiant. Almonds protect the skin from sunlight. Almonds are good for dry skin. Almonds protect against various skin infections. Almonds do not spoil the skin. Almonds enliven hair. And almonds do not allow hair to fall out quickly. Almonds relieve dandruff. Almonds do not cause obesity. Daily use of almonds prevents premature ageing. Almonds get rid of drowsiness as soon as you wake up in the morning and keep the body tight. Almonds are constipating. Almonds are good for the stomach. Almonds relieve stomach dryness. Almonds protect bones and teeth. Almonds are useful in various bone diseases. Almonds give strength to teeth Almonds do not break teeth. Almonds speed up the digestive system. An internal wound is a painful disease. Almonds protect the body from internal wounds. Almonds eliminate urinary irritation.

Disadvantages of Almond

Almonds have many benefits, but they also have some disadvantages. Patients with high blood pressure should not use almonds. Almonds increase blood pressure. The use of almonds is prohibited if gas remains. Almonds should not be eaten if there is irritation in the hands and feet.Eating almonds can be harmful if you have kidney stones or bladder stones. Excessive use of almonds is harmful. Excessive consumption of almonds thins the blood. And it causes fatigue in our body.